Contact lenses are another option available to anyone in need of nearsighted, farsighted or astigmatism correction. Contact lenses offer a solution to those who feel restricted by eyeglasses while also offering an alternative to corrective surgery such as Co-Manage LASIK Surgery. Another benefit to contact is that they offer a full, unobstructed view as opposed to eyeglasses.

If you are first time contact wearer then it is important to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. During this time you will undergo a comprehensive eye exam by your doctor. Your doctor will also discuss the options available that will best fit your prescription, your eye structure and your tear production to determine the best lens for optimal eye health.

barnes vision - contact lensesThere are many kinds of contacts that can be categorized as following:

  •  The material they are made of (hard, soft, and GP lenses)
  • Length of wear (daily and extended wear)
  • Frequency of disposal (disposable, daily disposable, frequent replacement and traditional lenses)
  • Lens design (spherical, bifocal, orthokertology, and toric)
  • Additional features (dry eye contacts, colored lenses, special effects, prosthetic lenses)

If you are interested in contacts as a corrective alternative, feel free to contact our office to schedule an eye exam with one of our doctors today. We will gladly answer any of your questions and provide you with the best treatment options available to you.

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